What are the things that determine the cost of a tree removal?

When you decide to outsource a tree removal project, you definitely already have plans to pay some amount of money for the services to be provided. Exactly how much you will be paying varies in a fashion that is determined by many factors. In this post, our friends over from Portland Screen Printing have graciously provided us with an outline of some of the factors that affect tree removal. This will keep you in the know and help you to bargain from a knowledgeable perspective. We don’t want you to get ripped off by an ambitious tree removal company trying to make a huge profit on a minor project. Below are the major factors that determine how expensive or inexpensive a tree removal project should be:


  1. Size: This is quite intuitive. The size of the tree obviously determines how much work has to get done in getting it uprooted from its erstwhile position. A small tree in that is not as high as 30 ft. shouldn’t go beyond the $150 to $500 range (other factors like girth will determine the exact price within the range). Averagely sized trees between 30 and 80 ft. tall should start from prices ranging from about $200 to $1000. For massive trees however that have heights that exceed 80ft. You should be preparing a budget of $1,500 or higher considering the risk involved and the amount of effort required in getting them stumped up.
  2. Soil softness: This becomes important after the major part of the tree has been removed and it’s time to get rid of the stump. How hard the surrounding soil is will determine how easy or  ifficult it is to get the stump removed and this will also have a direct resultant effect on the cost of the whole project.
  3. Tree species: The type of tree to be removed affects the properties of the tree such as the hardness of the bark, the girth and so on. This (depending on size) will also determine how expensive it would be to secure tree removal services for such a tree.
  4. Location: This is significant because the tree removal company will charge fees based on how far they would have to travel to get to your property. This is why it may be advisable to choose a company closer to your location. However, be sure to ascertain the quality of their services as price should not be the sole determining factor. Also, the location of the tree itself within the property also figures in this consideration. Trees that are at risk of falling on buildings will require extra care to remove, thus attracting extra charges.
  5. Extra services: Added and auxiliary functions like logging and stump removal may come with additional costs.

All of the above are the things that you need to remember when negotiating with a tree removal company about the cost of services.