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Trees are more than just plants. In fact, they are considered to be the biggest plants.  They provide life essential elements to human beings and other living things such as stored carbon dioxide and oxygen.  Aside from this, they play a vital role in conserving energy by absorbing air pollutants, prevents soil erosion, decrease the effects of noise pollution and the most common functionality of a tree – to give shade. But it is very alarming on how some tree contractors do not see the tree’s important roles and functions.

  Arborists are tree contractors who offer services related to trees.  The tree contractor industry is gaining in numbers, but only a few are considered professional and skilled. Some arborists are not skilled and experienced enough that is why, if a tree looks like it is dying or decaying, they immediately resort to tree removal or cutting. Keep in mind that even if a tree is dying or looks like dying, it still can be saved by proper care and maintenance.  You must look for a professional and skilled arborist would consider other options first than immediately removing the tree’s life.   Professional arborists will consider tree care service first, if the tree is still susceptible from living again by preventive maintenance and monitoring.  Tree care service is a lot cheaper than tree removal. Tree care services usually cost half the price of the tree removal service.  

Aside from the cost, there are many other disadvantages of tree removal.  In tree removal, there is a greater risk for danger and injuries. This is because the tree removal process is a very hazardous process.   The tree removal process is a challenging and complicated process which only professionals and people who are experts in tree removal can execute this kind of tree service because they can give you the best results in tree removal.  Hiring professionals to do the tree removal service lessens the risk of property damage.

Hiring someone who is not skilled in tree removal can either harm the tree or worst, it can harm people inside your neighborhood.  The best is to hire an arborist which are certified and are professionals.  Arborists are trained in tree removal and are properly equipped for the tedious process. They are also trained to recognize hazards that can come from the tree during the tree removal process.  Arborists are also trained to be able to make tree removal plans to be able to listen the risks. Apart from the danger the process of tree removal inflicts, the use and the need of large and heavy equipment  during the process. Since tree removal cannot be done without these equipment, arborists bring them inside your property and can cause damage to it. On the other hand, tree care services only requires a small team for the process to be successful.  And lastly, tree removal will completely abolish your whole tree, thus decreasing your property’s value.


Tree pruning is a practice that helps the tree grow with desired characteristics. To increase the yields of your trees and improve performance its necessary to prune the trees when necessary. As an individual, you can opt to prune the trees yourself or hire experts. The best thing about experts is that they know what it takes to get the best from pruning. They understand tree care methods. You can be guaranteed they would do a perfect work. On the other pruning, yourself saves money. You also get to know how your trees are doing. Whether you choose an expert or do it yourself, the following are key tips to prune your trees well.

  • Crown Thinning Tips

Crown thinning involves removing some tree branches to reduce the overall weight of the tree. Thinning also allows free circulation of the air in the tree. When thinning the crown of the tree ensure you apply the following tips and techniques of pruning.

  • Ensure that the lateral branches are spaced evenly. This is especially for the younger trees. This gives the tree a balance to grow well without bedding.
  • Branches that cross or run against the other branches should be pruned. This pruning enhances maximum growth and performance of the entire tree.
  • Ensure you don’t remove more than a quarter of the living crown at the same pruning. In case you want to run more ensure you prune over well-spaced durations of time. Prune time over time not more often.
  • Crown Raising Tips

Crown raising is a type of pruning that clears an environment for structure and objects to be visible. This is especially done on the trees that are along the roads or major building. The following are major tips for crown raising pruning.

  • When doing this type of pruning ensure you remove at most third of the tree branches. When you remove more than that the chances are the tree might never grow stronger branches again.
  • Focus on pruning of the branches that have blocked the major area that is the reason for pruning.
  • Crown Reduction Tips

This is a type of pruning is focused on removing excess branches. When pruning ensure you remove the whole branch instead of streaming it.

  • Don’t remove half of the foliage. The other thing you should do is to only remove the foliage from the branch.
  • Prune branches that have at least a third of the diameter of the branch that needs to be removed.
  • Reduce the crowns only when it’s necessary.

Different pruning tips and method should be applied to different types of trees. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the tips that are applicable to the type of the tree you wish to prune. You can seek expert advice every time you need to prune your trees. Experts will advise you and give you more tips on how to take care of your trees. When pruning your trees also check your local area tree service regulations set by the authorities.